IRVING, Texas, December 1, 2018, /PRNewswire/ —

AGES Consulting LLC, a nationwide sustainability and energy efficiency construction & service company to single family homeowners and large real estate portfolios, today announced the acquisition of Battson Heat and Air. The consolidation of two exceptional companies in this space will provide a benefit to both customer bases through expanded services and expertise.

Austin Parker, Co-Founder & CEO of AGES Consulting, stated, “We are excited about the opportunities that this strategic acquisition will bring in advancing our leadership in the sustainability and energy construction & service space. Not only does Battson Heat and Air expand the technical depth of our current HVAC team but it plays directly into our strategy of being the first fully vertically integrated platform for the real estate industry. We remain grateful to our existing partners, customers, and AGES family for their support and buy-in to our vision for the future as we continue to disrupt the status quo.”

The acquisition will be beneficial for current AGES Consulting customers, according to Ted Parker, AGES’ Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, “This acquisition really feeds into our narrative and values as a company, and it’s exciting to see it unfold. We promise our customers and those newly inherited, from Battson Heat and Air, that we’ll continue to remain customer focused while being innovative and expanding our footprint to becoming a staple in the sustainability industry.”

Brandon Battson of Battson Heat and Air commented on the acquisition saying, “We are growing! Same service and faces you are used to with a little more power. Honesty, Quality, and Integrity have always been the motto at Battson Heat & Air, and now we are proud to announce that we are joining forces with AGES Consulting, a leader across the country. AGES has continued to exhibit the same core principles that Battson was founded on. Battson Heat & Air is excited to expand our offering to now include electrical and plumbing services to you, our valued customer.”

AGES Consulting and Battson are committed to providing a smooth transition for all customers and have worked diligently to ensure a seamless integration and customer experience. AGES’ proven record of excellent customer service and dedication to maintaining the quality of support that clients have come to expect from Battson, assures that there will be no disruption of service for either customer base.

Following the December 1, 2018 acquisition, all of Battson Heat and Air will become a part of the AGES Consulting group of companies.

AGES Consulting LLC (AGES) is the nation’s only vertically integrated sustainability and energy efficiency construction & service platform for the single-family and portfolio real estate industry. Our ability to manage the entire project experience from manufacturing, logistics, scoping, execution and consultation is unrivaled.


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