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Our goal at AGES is to design custom energy-efficient solutions that provide the highest return on investment and payback for our clients. In addition to improving your property’s energy savings and appearance, our retrofits will greatly increase your property value by decreasing costs and achieving short- and long-term savings through rebates, tax incentives, and replacing inefficient energy outputs.


AGES works directly with international and domestic manufacturers to ensure our products are the highest quality and best price. Our worldwide connections uniquely position us to procure a large variety of products to suit our customers specific utility and property needs. Since we are not contracted to any one supplier or brand, we are free to offer our customers the finest, most affordable energy and utility solutions.

AGES is a full-service sustainability solution provider for both residential and commercial applications. We know your business and our experts will work with you to provide the best solutions at the best price, guaranteed.


Switching to energy-efficient lighting is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills. Offering LED retrofitted facilities attracts new tenants as it provides them with a better quality, more aesthetically pleasing light. LED lights can heighten occupant productivity, increase safety, improve lumen decay profiles, reduce maintenance costs, and greatly decrease the impact on the environment. Since tenant comfort leads to greater profitability, retrofitting your common areas, and interior units can prove to be highly beneficial.



AGES works with industry-leading, multi-billion dollar portfolios to manage their energy footprint. From corridors and common areas to units and exterior lighting, AGES works with it all. Our solutions will provide a minimum of 10% savings over your current provider, guaranteed.


It is said that the greatest deterrent to crime is not the police force, but light! Our SmartCorn technology, along with other similar solutions, has consistently outperformed the competition on quality, lighting, warranty and price. Let us provide you with an affordable way to protect your patrons.


Our team is comprised of professionals in the lighting industry who know your business and understand how your market segment operates. Our management team has built companies, driven market innovation and is now bringing a fresh perspective to lighting. Let us serve you.


Whether redesigning your existing lighting package, looking for more energy efficient ballasts and bulbs or upgrading & improving your fixtures. we are able to provide a solution. Our experts will work to design a package that reduces your operating expenses and increases your return on investment.


You’re spending millions of dollars on a new project and within six to eighteen months you’re having issues with obsolete fixtures, ballasts & lamps going out, tenant complaints, etc. Sound familiar? We have a solution. AGES works with developers and contractors to analyze and build solutions that are efficient and long lasting.  The outcome? No more headaches and reduced spending.


When deciding to upgrade your existing lighting system, the task of understanding all the moving parts can be daunting. Where do I go to find a contractor? How can I take advantage of the tax code? Am I eligible for rebates? We have the answers. Let us bring a little simplicity into your life.

In addition to improving your property’s light levels and appearance, our retrofits and lighting solutions will greatly increase your property value by decreasing costs and achieving short- and long-term savings through rebates, tax incentives, and lower energy outputs. 


Many HVAC units installed in properties are outdated and inefficient, resulting in constantly growing energy expenses, maintenance and performance impairment. New and more efficient HVAC units run less to cool and heat the same space to reduce maintenance costs while saving energy. AGES provides the latest innovative, sustainable and appealing HVAC solutions.

A large number of HVAC units are charged with (HCFC)-22 (also known as R-22)(Freon) The refrigerant R22 is being phased out. In 2018, the cost to maintain these R22 units will increase due to the inability to purchase R22. Act now by installing modern HVAC solutions and save on long term costs while providing a more sustainable environment.

HCGC-22 depletes the Earth’s protective ozone layer.  New HVAC units are charged with a more environmentally-friendly refrigerant.


Water conservation and savings is a leading concern for many municipal, state, and federal entities. In many cases, this may lead to incentives and rebates for implementing water reduction projects. Not only do sustainable plumbing initiatives adhere to these concerns or regulations, they will deliver immediate savings on monthly cost of operation with a short return on investment. AGES has developed a great proficiency at cutting down energy and water costs through innovative and customized plumbing solutions, while identifying all applicable rebates.

Toilets, aerators and showerhead changeouts will reduce water and energy usage with a quick return on investment. By replacing outdated equipment, operational spend will be significantly reduced.


Improved landscaping and irrigation systems can greatly reduce all operating costs by reducing the water utility bill, repair costs and annual landscape contracts. Due to irrigation systems often being concealed, they may receive limited attention by maintenance staff. This can result in inconvenient repairs and problems to the system. Maintaining efficiency while eliminating unnecessary irrigation costs is achieved by letting us take care of overseeing the whole operation – year round.

AGES provides irrigation systems that are sustainable and set to maximize water retention – They lower the total amount of water runoff and promote remarkable drainage. AGES delivers a single point of contact to landscaping and irrigation. We provide innovative solutions to improve, install and maintain a more aesthetically pleasing and healthy landscape to customers and clients.

Well planned and working irrigation systems will maintain a lively landscape and enable the property to perform at maximum efficiency. Through a smart, green and year-round focus on providing the best irrigation systems, you will secure a beautiful landscape and reduce operating expenditures.